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Groupize is the modern, self service, meeting & event management solution for everyday users, that saves money, increases productivity, and improves control over travel, your organization’s 2nd largest discretionary spend.

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Michelle wanted an easy to use solution to manage all the meetings within her company

As a travel manager, Michelle knew they were spending a lot on meetings.  She wanted to empower her employees to book and manage their own meetings efficiently and online, and hopefully within their travel policy.

She had no time for micromanagement.

Turns out it was easy to launch and it made everyone happy

Overnight Michelle deployed her first event and then introduced this new solution company wide with a simple policy to manage.

Gone are the days of booking and managing meetings on the phone or via excel lists for her colleagues.  This new solution gives them back time and sanity, while making the company look professional.  They thank her all the time.

Magic! She got big results and visibility into meetings of every size

The company saved $5,000 on hotels on their first meeting.  Now she has exceptional visibility and can show her savings take off.  She is the hero with her executives.

She’s the one that finally got meeting’s spend under control.

Join companies of all sizes that manage meetings the modern way


Kudos to Michelle. Look what she brought to her company

Easy Launch and Adoption
Capture & Track Spend
Mobile Responsive
Saves time & money
Duty of Care Compliance
Risk Mitigation
Employee Engagement
No per user or per attendee fees