Introducing Groupize Assurance

The entry point for corporations to manage expense, travel, and risk for all meetings & events.

Groupize 3.0
Amazing Feedback

This is just AMAZING

“I’ve been in this industry a long time. This is just AMAZING. You should be so proud of yourselves”.

OMG… It is sooo easy!

OMG….it is soooo easy! I love it!! It makes finding a venue for a meeting so much less time consuming and much more user friendly! You can put out your feelers, continue working until someone responds and you can go from there, without hours and hours of phone calls and follow-ups it is great!

You have it all here

The industry is dying for an alternative to get behind, and you have it all here“.

Game Changer

I used to think you were a compliment to Cvent. Now I see Cvent is a complement to Groupize!

Great fit, for the right price!

We’ve been using Cvent but our contract with them expires in April so we’re definitely in the market and your product looks like it could be a good fit. In all honesty, Cvent has many bells/whistles that we do not use and they’ve continuously increased pricing so we’re a bit frustrated. It’s great to see your product.

What you dream of – Simplified

You have everything we ever dreamed of, and you simplified everything.”

It’s A Changed World. Do you know:
How many meetings you have?
Who approved attendees to travel?
Where your attendees are and have been?

The entry point for corporations to manage expense, travel, and risk for all meetings & events

Our end to end SaaS platform is the entry point for all employees within an organization to manage events in one centralized solution, delivering consistent enterprise workflows allowing for compliant venue shopping and booking, attendee management, travel and logistics, reporting, budgeting and collaboration.

The platform that pays for itself


Average of 10 % – 20% savings in sourcing


Save on average 3-26 hours in labor per event


Take control of your data (GDRP, PCI DSS and PII)

Duty of Care

Know where your meeting attendees are at all times

User Experience

Control your branding and differentiate yourself

Risk Mitigation

Get visibility into who is signing contracts

Everyone can now afford
to manage 100% of their meetings in one platform
Groupize Assurance
Groupize Assurance includes the first in the industry enhanced solution to standardize managed meeting processes, policy, and logistics – making every step trackable and auditable within its central platform. This matches the same scrutiny long given transient travel programs.
Groupize Expense
Groupize 3.0 is designed with procurement and finance in mind to control the 43% of their travel and entertainment budget that events and meetings represent. Enhancements include upgraded budgets, savings reports, approval workflows and compliance.
Groupize Planning
Groupize pioneered the DIY (do it yourself) and self-service models. Groupize 3.0 includes an enhanced policy engine and a new Meeting Request Form (MRF) for integrated workflows to allow both the occasional and professional planner to collaborate on meeting management. Groupize 3.0 includes 150,000 hotels globally and will include 20,000 venues in Q2.
Groupize Logistics
Groupize 3.0 includes an end to end experience for attendee management, templated RSVP, registration websites, store, room block management, and air. The industry-leading integration with SAP Concur Travel allows organizations to extend their investment in Concur Travel beyond transient travel into groups, meetings, and events.

Serving forward thinking customers
BIG & small

Proud to work with 25% of the Fortune 20, 30+ Travel Management Companies (TMCs), as well as companies who thought they couldn’t afford meeting technology before we came along.

2/3 of corporations have merged their
Travel & Meetings

Discover the benefits of using SAP Concur Travel and Groupize, and the industry leading integrations between both platforms.

Big results
for enterprises of every size
Meetings Culture for the New Normal
Learn more about the new normal and how to prepare for the changes in travel, meetings, and events worldwide by learning from industry experts featured in this 55-page eBook, featuring best practices and success stories.
Frequently Asked Questions
What’s a Simple Meeting? How does this work if I already have an SMM? What’s the implementation process? And more FAQs.
Instant Meetings Division
Travel Management Company needed to find a solution that could be managed by the agency’s existing human resources…

All you really need
in one easy to use tool

You’ve been asking, and we’ve been busy delivering
GroupizeLegacy Meetings TechnologiesSmall Meetings Technology
Register a Meeting
Self Service
Expert Workflow
Portal with Rules
Meeting Request Form
Hotel Bookings
Room Block
SAP ConcurTwo way integrationOne way push
Meetings Intelligence
Easy to use
Hotels & Venues170K100-225K20K

Great user reviews
and comments

Big Savings

“We have stopped death by outlook!”

Most comprehensive solution!

“We believe Groupize is the best choice. Best user-interface, easiest tool to understand out of the box for a non-professional and the most comprehensive!”

Great fit!

“Your help center is awesome, your video tutorials save me a lot of time.”

The future & key

“Our Executive Leadership presented Groupize as the best kept secret at the Commonwealth Business Travel Annual Meeting in January 2018 and encouraged every other agency there to work with Groupize. You are the future and key to our 2018 strategy.”

Does the work flawlessly

We are mandating this for every meeting.

See Groupize
in action

Award winning technology & service

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