Events Simplifying Group Travel Within SAP Concur for Seamless User Experience

Groupize, the award-winning provider of innovative simple meeting technology solutions, today announced the launch of a guest air booking link within Concur Travel as well as the end-to-end functionality designed exclusively for guest travelers including recruits, consultants, interns, athletes, trainings, project teams, store openings, extended stays, volunteers and customers. These categories of travelers are historically challenging, as they are often not employees of the company paying for the travel, and thus don’t have SAP Concur profiles or corporate cards to pay for their airfare or to check-in to a hotel.

Historically, online booking tools were designed as closed environments built for full-time, profiled employees. As a result, the industry was forced to adopt manual processes to handle guest travel, which resulted in inefficiencies, a lot of back and forth and was prone to errors.

“Our customers asked us to develop these specific new features to simplify their guest travel use cases,” said Charles de Gaspe Beaubien, President, and CEO of Groupize.  “Many organizations have a lot of travel spend that looks like a meeting, smells like a meeting, but isn’t exactly a meeting. Our latest enhancements enable our customers to extract additional value out of SAP Concur and scale their use of Groupize across their enterprise beyond travel managers and travel arrangers.  With these enhanced capabilities, Groupize is facilitating the convergence of travel, meetings, and HR within best of breed solutions.”

This new functionality further enhances Groupize’s integration with SAP Concur  to deliver a two-way integrated guest management platform that is policy compliant and offers a unified end-to-end experience. Features include:

  • Ability to upload a list of guests and send invites or simply send an air booking link to guests
  • Create shell profiles on the fly and single sign-on into SAP Concur for guests
  • Ability to book air in Concur Travel based on business policies
  • Real-time and up to date flight information and flight manifests
  • Visibility on-air booking windows and ability to reduce flight costs by 18%-22%
  • Negotiated rates at one or more preferred hotels via Groupize instant book or room block management
  • Ability to upload a list of guests in Groupize and book rooms automatically without rekeying names
  • Ghost Cards for air and virtual cards capabilities which can automate the prepaid check-in process at hotels
  • Two-way integration to SAP Concur itineraries. Optimize finance processes into Concur Expense with budget and custom fields for reporting
  • Communication engine for invitations, confirmations, dialogue, and reminders
  • Deliver a great mobile guest experience and visually promote your brand
  • Integration to duty of care solutions and reporting

Charles explains, “Groupize offers an intuitive end-to-end booking process for guests while offering flexible booking workflows for air and/or hotels bookings.  For example, a project manager could upload a list of travelers which could be a mix of employees and guests.  The system would instantly book sleeping rooms at your negotiated rate without any rekeying, push the spend data and the real-time hotel confirmation numbers to SAP Concur itineraries.  The project manager could then send the travelers an air booking link, and the guest travelers could leverage single sign-on to SAP Concur and book their own air per the predetermined rules, approvals, and via a ghost card.  The air details and spend would merge into their existing itinerary which would now include both air and room information. With our virtual card partners, the system can go one step further and send pre-paid room authorizations to the hotel, a copy of the virtual card to the guest traveler’s phone, in order to limit corporation’s credit card exposure and to avoid the dreaded midnight phone calls that the guest travelers can’t check-in to the hotel.”


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