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DesignGaining $95 Billion in Meetings Spend with Groupize Tableau

Groupize, the award-winning provider of innovative self-service meeting technology solutions, today announcedthe launch of its Groupize Tableau integrated module, a business intelligence module that allows for cross-event reporting for visibility and insights into an entire meetings program.

“None of us can fix what we can’t measure,” says Charles de Gaspe Beaubien, President and CEO of Groupize. “The industry has struggled to collect meetings data, especially for simple meetings; and the lack of data is the main reason travel managers, CFOs, and procurement managers aren’t more focused on controlling this spend.”

The travel industry estimates that more than $95 billion is spent in the U.S. each year for meeting-related travel*. Specifically, of $225 billion spent annually on U.S. domestic business travel, 43% is spent on meetings, according to the U.S. Travel Association. It’s a staggering amount that should be drawing the intense focus of CXO suites in every American business.

The Groupize solution provides an easy way for travel and meeting managers to enjoy accurate, cross-event reporting yielding clear visibility and insights into their meeting spend. To accomplish this, Groupize has integrated its meetings platform with Tableau, an industry leading solution that turns data, easily captured within Groupize, into insights that drive decision making and action. Managers can better identify cost savings, manage meetings compliance, track employees for security and Duty of Care, and gain valuable insights into corporate meetings trends. The Groupize Tableau Module gives users the peace of mind that their data and analytics are governed, secure, and accurate.

Groupize Tableau is an add-on to the basic Groupize reporting package and is offered in a Starter, Pro, or Enterprise Plan. Additionally, Tableau allows data to be combined from multiple external sources, such as data from existing meetings reports; or, business travel data from the Groupize and SAP Concur Travel integration, which can retrieve air and hotel spend for a holistic view of total spend.

To learn more about how Groupize helps the company with their simple meetings, please visit or call +1-508-232-7719.

*”[U.S. businesses] spent $225 billion on U.S. domestic travel with growth of five percent. The majority of this spending (57%) was for general business travel while 43 percent was for meetings and conventions.” The Role of Business Travel in the U.S. Economic Recovery, 2013, U.S. Travel Association..

“None of us can fix what we can’t measure”


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