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For most businesses globally, simple meetings are unmanaged spend. While this may sound unalarming, consider this: more than half of all corporate meetings are simple meetings. Without proper management, your organization is overlooking significant business spend, missing opportunities to strengthen venue negotiations, and neglecting risk management.

This gap in meetings management historically has persisted due to a lack of cost-effective solutions. By definition, simple meetings are not defined by size but by complexity. They are gatherings with basic requirements that include meeting space and, occasionally, overnight accommodations and air. They don’t require the expertise and infrastructure professional meetings service provide, yet coordinating the logistics and overall details requires industry knowledge your in-house personnel typically don’t have.

Fortunately, Groupize has developed solutions to address the gap in travel and meetings management.

Groupize: Atlas Travel’s Newest Partner

An award-winning technological innovator, Groupize has bridged the meetings service gap. Its end-to-end platform allows organizations to define up to three workflows for handling simple and complex meetings. These definitions weigh both event specifications and size parameters, like number of attendees, number of overnight accommodations and budget, to determine whether the request can be self-serviced or requires full-service support. For intermediary needs, Expert Assist allows your internal resources to manage the majority of a request and hand proceedings over to your professional services at key junctures for extra support.

Groupize Simple Meetings and Complex Meetings Workflow

“Groupize is excited to work with Atlas Travel,” says Charles de Gaspe Beaubien, CEO of Groupize. “Their high-quality expertise supporting companies in both travel and meetings management will complement our technology solutions to bring value to many corporations. It adds a little enjoyment that they are local. I’m looking forward to working with the Atlas team to bring innovation and additional savings to travel and meetings programs.”

Groupize estimates that, when prioritizing meeting complexity over attendee numbers, 60% to 80% of all corporate meetings fall within the simple meetings category – making it even more crucial to have the right management solution in place. The perfect complement to your current meeting services, Groupize ensures a well-rounded, comprehensive approach to meetings management.

With this new partnership, Atlas Travel is your one-stop shop for professional meetings services. Our Meetings & Incentives team not only provides complex event production and management services, but also event registration, group air arrangements, incentive travel, and rewards & recognition offerings. Visit the Meetings & Incentives website or follow the team on LinkedIn to learn more.

Groupize is committed to reinventing event management with easy-to-use tools that simplify all processes in the life-cycle of a corporate meeting, creating better outcomes for all stakeholders.


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