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Alisa de Gaspe Beaubien
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March 12th, 2020, 1AM EST

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Groupize Rolls Out Free Access of Groupize 3.0 for Global Business Events Community Disrupted by COVID-19

Amidst the growing impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on the meetings and events industry, Groupize makes its latest meeting management platform designed for 100% of meetings of all sizes available to all for free

Boston, MA, March 12, 2020To help organizations impacted by COVID-19: starting this week, Groupize will roll out free 60-day access to its next-generation Groupize 3.0 meeting management platform through April 15, 2020. The offer is valid for unlimited meetings, of any size, and is open to current and prospective Groupize users for 60 days to address the ongoing disruption to the meetings and events industry worldwide.

“We have heard from many of our clients and prospects that they are struggling to identify their risk regarding how many meetings are contracted throughout their organization,” explains Charles de Gaspe Beaubien, Founder & CEO of Groupize. “Without that critical data, they are not in a strong position to develop a comprehensive strategy to mitigate the risk in the most cost-effective manner. There can be a significant cost associated with canceling or postponing meetings, and data is critical.”

Earlier this week, the company launched this latest next-gen solution, which includes more than ten new features that can efficiently service all tiers of meetings and workflows from registering a meeting, self-service, expert assist, or full service for any organization.  Groupize 3.0 includes five core components: Groupize Visibility, Groupize Expense, Groupize Planning, Groupize Logistics, and Groupize Meetings Intelligence.

“Groupize 3.0 delivers full worldwide visibility into meetings, improving duty of care, and mitigating risk – especially in a crisis situation,” adds de Gaspe Beaubien.“ Our goal with this special offer is to support clients, and prospects quickly accumulate the critical data and enable them to make the best decisions in this difficult time. We’re helping a client that already has a $100,000 cancellation penalty.”

Groupize is offering free 60-day trials of Groupize 3.0, which includes the Groupize Visibility module, which enables companies to register all their meetings on their calendar and duty of care map.  With visibility into all their global meetings, companies can triage their response plans to minimize the impact of cancellations moving forward. This allows companies to easily register all their meetings, providing them with both a calendar view and a global map view so companies can triage all their meetings by size, type, and location and ensure the most cost-effective decisions. Additionally, corporations can also use the meetings portal to highlight the hotels that have cancellation penalties and can share the information with all planners in a corporation to re-use the rooms or credits, resulting in significant savings. The Groupize Visibility module can be configured and launched in 10 minutes and provide actionable data in days.

The Groupize platform is designed to extend the audience of stakeholders from just meeting planners to include admins, travel managers, event planners, procurement, security, human resources, finance, and third parties.

To learn more about how Groupize helps organizations simplify meeting management, please visit or call +1-508-232-7719.

About Groupize

Winner of Phocuswright Innovation Award, BTN Top 25 Most Influential of 2017 and Skift 2019 Corporate Travel Innovators, Groupize offers the leading end-to-end platform for innovative solutions that reduce the complexity of managing meeting globally. Founded in 2011, Groupize is a privately held company headquartered in Boston, MA. For more information, please call 1.855.GROUPIZE, or visit

Groupize is committed to reinventing event management with easy-to-use tools that simplify all processes in the life-cycle of a corporate meeting, creating better outcomes for all stakeholders.


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