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6 Meetings Trends Accelerated By the Pandemic


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As the global economy cautiously reopens, it’s important to recognize those urgent trends which have been accelerated by the pandemic in your planning for the next year. This short eBook summarizes current trends in meetings and helps you prepare for those that are here to stay.

You Can’t Afford to Sit & Wait This Out.

If you already use a meeting platform – we’re betting that it’s expensive AND collecting dust this year. Now is the time to act – to make sure your program is ready with the best, most affordable meeting management platform available – one that’s easy enough to use even for a casual meeting planner.

The Time is Now.

There’s a classic adage which reads, “Nothing is permanent except change” and, if the last few months have demonstrated anything, it is precisely that sentiment. Change hasn’t just arrived on our doorstep — it has invited itself in, and taken a seat at the table.

As we discuss this ‘new normal’ for the meeting and event industry, the question we continue to arrive at is: Just how much will things change? What constitutes a “meeting?” Will new policies be temporary, or here
for the long haul? Will travel brands be able to consistently meet newly evolved standards? And how long will the need for virtual/hybrid meetings stay?

Many experts are seeing an unprecedented demand for new processes to manage internal meetings. Companies will still need their employees to meet face to face, and, of course, they will need to meet with customers. A vaccine will surely enable this. But until then, only 25% of planners whose meetings have been impacted by the pandemic are rescheduling them for sometime in 2020, according to Northstar Meetings
Group’s Pulse Survey. And the Planner Confidence Index from Imeet is showing an 11% increase week over
week on resuming meetings in early 2021.

As the global economy cautiously reopens, it’s important to recognize the trends which have been accelerated by the pandemic in your planning for the next year. These will help you prepare for:

1) Small Meetings Are Back 

2) Managing Traveler and Corporate Risk Is Top Focus

3) Company-wide Policy and Process Mitigate New Risks

4) Self-Service Meeting Tech Wins

5) Location: Keep It Close to Home, and

6) Unique Venues Rise for Day Meetings.

Groupize will drive down risk, drive up adoption, & drive your company forward.

Groupize is the hub for corporations to manage expenses, travel, and risk for all meetings, projects, and events. Groupize assures that you are prepared and ready with an enterprise-wide tool to manage all meetings & events; including trends for events like virtual, hybrid, and regional while managing the category effectively.

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Groupize is committed to reinventing event management with easy-to-use tools that simplify all processes in the life-cycle of a corporate meeting, creating better outcomes for all stakeholders.


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