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For Existing Customers:

 We want to help you get visibility and minimize your cancellation and risk exposure. In order to help, existing customers can activate the new “Register a meeting” functionality in the revised portal and register as many meetings as the want complimentary for 60 days after activation or May 15th.  The usage of the other modules will within Groupize will remain as part of the existing agreement.

Additionally, customer success will work with you to load your attrition cancellation rooms to help resell them internally and minimize the impact.

For Future Customers:

Groupize will offer a complimentary Meetings Portal and access to the Groupize Visibility module so you can get employees and planners companywide adding their meetings to the company calendar and duty of care map.

The free trial must be requested before April 15, 2020 and remain active.  At the end of the trial, you will have the choice to either:

  • Cancel the risk-free trial and will be able to download a complete list of all your meetings. Your account would then be deleted.
  • If you recognize the benefits of meeting visibility, you can convert your trial account into a paying account and grow your meeting management program.
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