After 12 Months in Development and Largest-Ever Investment in Redesign, Groupize Debuts Enhanced Groupize Next to Address Emerging Needs of the New Meetings Landscape

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Delivers industry’s the simplest user interface, car rental module for drive-to meetings, as well as next-level functionality to manage expense, travel, and risk for all meetings, events, and guest travel

BOSTON, MA, (February 11, 2021) – Groupize, the most-loved innovator of the all-in-one platform for travel and meetings management, announced the launch of Groupize Next. This latest version of the award-winning technology is the apex of over a year in development and the single largest investment in a redesign in the organization’s history.

Alisa de Gaspe Beaubien, Groupize CEO, explains, “We’ve redesigned Groupize Next to be the most comprehensive, relevant, and easy to use solution in the market – and we’ve done that by listening to our customers. In a post-pandemic world, the internal infrastructure of corporations across industries has abruptly changed. Most companies are now relying on fewer resources and an increasingly limited budget. We’ve focused our efforts on enhancing self-service capabilities, simplicity, and addressing emerging industry demands like hybrid meetings and car rental management.”

The enterprise-wide online platform enables professional planners and casual planners to get their jobs done and collaborate. Acting as a centralized hub, all members and departments within an organization have unparalleled access to the tools they need to manage sourcing, registration, travel, duty of care, workflows, and spend. This latest version empowers management with visibility and insights to make critical decisions around budgets, risk mitigation, and safety.

Groupize Next delivers next-level usability and features, including:

  • New design UI/UX and mobile responsive for planners
  • Hybrid Meetings
  • Guided user experiences for planners – tips to create better outcomes
  • Car Rental Module for increased drive vs. air travel
  • Coordinator led workflow for projects
  • New user permissions
  • New attendee type functionality
  • Mobile responsive back-end
  • Approvals

“Now, perhaps more than ever before, companies are eager to protect their bottom line and reduce spend. And, for the most part, travel and meeting spend will be in the spotlight,” adds Alisa. “In 2021, technology will play a critical role in reducing spend, with digitization, automation, and the enhanced use of virtual and hybrid meetings and events. The release of our latest enhancements in Groupize Next reinforces our commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry and providing customers the most comprehensive solution. That is why more companies are switching to Groupize to save money, create a safer and secure environment for personnel, and deliver ROI across all departments and use-cases.”

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