All you need
in one easy to use platform

Rules based entry point for users to begin the event planning process
Planners or attendees can book up to 9 rooms at one time directly with the venue
Send eBids to over 150,000 venues globally to select the event location
Create a custom website, invitations, questions, and collect travel requirements and payment for events
Manage contracted room blocks for multiple properties
Collect flight requests, ticketed details or re-direct your attendees to Concur to book air and export flight manifests
Groupize’s Tableau Integration allows for data-driven visibility into all meetings, which is an organization’s largest unmanaged spend
Only two-way integration identifying profiled and non-profiled travelers when redirecting a traveler to Concur
One-click access to increased productivity utilizing SAML 2.0

Focus on
enterprise wide adoption

Easy to use end to end platform with a rules engine allowing customized workflows and views for each user and the capability to enable single sign on creates a seamless experience from the user’s current company toolkit
Complements existing travel and meetings programs to enhance the value of your online booking tool, preferred supplier programs and complex meeting management platforms
Data is encrypted both at rest and in-transit, and through partnerships with Heroku and AWS, Groupize leverages best-in-class encryption and security tools. To guarantee that security, we are audited annually and are fully compliant with PCI-DSS standards.
Content from venues around the world and compatible with the most recent version of all browsers

User feedback
drives our product roadmap

Groupize is committed to delivering a solution that satisfies both the end user and the administrator implementing the platform. In order to best understand our users needs, Groupize has structured monthly 1:1 phone calls between the product team and users as well as administrators. Further, quarterly surveys are emailed and results are reported back to all users during one of the regular product webinars.

Groupize is constantly iterating on features, design and workflows. Instead of waiting for large releases a few times a year, Groupize releases weekly small updates and monthly larger updates. All users are notified by email of any pending releases and all release notes are posted in the Groupize Learning Center.

25 calls per month between product team and end users
53% of all product updates are direct client feedback
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Average of 1,112 new features released per year

True travel centric solutions for booking and managing
meetings and events of all sizes

Simple Technology
Simple Pricing
Simple Deployment
We’re Simple to Work With
Award Winning
Complements Concur and SMMP
Agile Development
Planner and Attendee Experience

See Groupize
in action

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