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What is a Simple Meeting?

A “Simple Meeting” is not defined by size but complexity.  Typically, simple meetings are done by occasional planners, last minute in nature and can include a combination of sleeping rooms, meetings space, air and some attendee management component.  A simple meeting can also be referred to as a small meeting or a self-service meeting.  Simple meetings represent 60%-80% of the meetings in a corporation, such as  internal meetings, trainings, recruiting, projects and more.

How do I estimate how many meetings I have?

You can fix what you can’t measure.  Check out our ROI calculator or contact us so we can help you estimate the number of meetings you have and build a business case for fixing it.

What if I have complex meetings or already have an SMM in place?

No worries.   Many of our customers are in the same situation. Groupize has the business rules to handle meetings of all sizes.  Simple meetings can be in self service mode, while complex meetings can be routed to an existing workflow for expert planning.

Does my agency support this?

Groupize works with more than 30 TMCs and third parties.  You can define jointly the roles and responsibilities to help manage all your meetings efficiently.

How long does it take to implement?

We have had customers successfully launch their first event the same day.  A successful company wide deployment can be done within 10 days.  The platform is configurable and we will help you configure the system, apply your branding, set the rules and communicate with your stakeholders.

Is the platform secure?

Groupize’s hosting strategy, technology architecture and team training program are all built around the concepts of security and data protection. We are focused on helping our clients feel confident that the platform they use for managing events meets their security standards

Groupize is focused on compliance with industry best-practices.

• PCI DSS Compliant
• GDPR Compliant

related questions

Groupize includes a comprehensive learning center with questions, video tutorials and webinars. Login and you should be able to find the answer to your question.
What if I forgot my password?

Click on “forgot password” or send an email at

What’s the best way to reach support?

You can chat with us from the help center, or email  You will be pleasantly shocked to see how quickly we respond.

What’s the best browser to use?

Groupize uses the latest in web technology. As a result, we recommend and provide support for the current desktop versions:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox, Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. (For Internet Explorer, please know that versions lower than IE11 are not recommended) 

Additionally, we support the current versions:

  • Google Chrome for Android and
  • Safari for iOS 

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