The best partner & technology
for your money
Easy to use
All the right solutions, without the complexity. Designed for occasional and professional planners.
Easy to set-up
Integrated to your core systems and can be launched in 1 day
Value for the money
Pay for what you really need.
Responsive customer service
Let us amaze you how quickly we respond to you
We listen to you
We’re building these solutions for you, not us
Your success is our success
It’s all about your ROI and creating a company wide program that will be adopted

Focused on enterprise wide adoption

Easy to use end to end platform with a rules engine allowing customized workflows and views for each user and the capability to enable single sign on creates a seamless experience from the user’s current company toolkit
Complements existing travel and meetings programs to enhance the value of your online booking tool, preferred supplier programs and complex meeting management platforms
Data is encrypted both at rest and in-transit, and through partnerships with Heroku and AWS Groupize leverages best-in-class encryption and security tools. To guarantee that security we are audited annually and are fully compliant with PCI-DSS standards.
Content from venues around the world and compatible with the most recent version of all browsers

True travel centric solutions
for booking and managing
meetings and events of all sizes

Simple Technology
Simple Pricing
Simple Deployment
We’re Simple to Work With
Award Winning
Complements Concur and SMMP
Agile Development
Planner and Attendee Experience

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Groupize is committed to reinventing event management with easy-to-use tools that simplify all processes in the life-cycle of a corporate meeting, creating better outcomes for all stakeholders.


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