Groupize is the solution of choice for Fortune 5000 companiesWhy Professionals
Say Groupize is
BETTER Than Cvent

So glad we switched from Cvent. You have all the functionality I would have put in the system of my dreams!

Global Travel Manager, Fortune 50 Company

I only thought of you as a small meeting sourcing tool, I did not realize you could support our entire program.

Hotel & Meeting Strategist, Fortune 50 Company

After evaluating all the tools in the industry, including Cvent, we believe Groupize is the best choice. Best user-interface, easiest tool to understand out of the box for a non-professional and the most comprehensive features to centralize all our meetings!

Fortune 100 Decision Maker

I always thought you complemented Cvent, now I know that they complement you! I am so excited to see a system give Cvent a run for their money.

Global Travel & Meetings Manager, BTN Top 100 Company

This is a self-service registration tool I can roll out globally.

Meeting Manager, Fortune 500 Company

Groupize has much more functionality than I ever imagined. For years I have been looking for a self-service registration tool without attendee fees.”

Global Travel and Strategic Meetings Management Leader, Fortune 500 Company

Before COVID, we only managed Tier 1 events, now we have to manage all! Groupize is the perfect solution because it is so easy to use, gives us the visibility and oversight we need, and saves us money!

Global Travel Manager, Top Sportswear Company

100% of our simple meetings are managed out of program. I have always wanted to change this but leadership did not understand why, now I have a spotlight on me to fix it by year end for my 147 locations. Thankfully I have Groupize.

Procurement, Category Manager, 11.5B Swiss Company

Top 10 Reasons Why Groupize is Better for Your Program

1.   Fun to work with.   We will exceed your service expectations with easy to access support and treat you like family. 6.  Unique focus for travel, both air and hotel.   Our Hotel Booking Engine is powered by your supplier strategy but if you only need group air you can do that too.
2.    Indisputable Value Proposition and easy to understand pricing.  No per user licenses, no per attendee fees, no commissions and no surprises. 7.   Delivering exceptional efficiencies at every level of the organization.  Saving companies tens of thousands of hours of time and helping leaders do more with less.
3.   Complete all in one solution for the whole company, integrating travel and meetings.  Robust functionality that you will actually use – more of what you need and less of what you don’t. 8.    Industry leading integration with Concur Travel – maximize your investment in Concur Travel with a real-time two-way integration and real time insights and reports such as air manifests.
4.  Easy to implement with flexible workflows for all meetings:  Self Service, Full Service and Hybrid.  The oversight you require, and the autonomy planners crave deployed like an OBT. 9.   Culture of innovation and continuous improvement based on customer feedback.   Over 1,500 features recently introduced based on user insights.
5. Unparalleled visibility.  Designed as both easy to use and self-service, Groupize solves problems in every department, managing more than meetings, including extended stays, projects, engagements, recruiting and training.  One system with ROI in every department. 10.  We respect relationships, we are a true business partner with companies and their TMC’s and Third Parties.

Groupize is committed to reinventing event management with easy-to-use tools that simplify all processes in the life-cycle of a corporate meeting, creating better outcomes for all stakeholders.


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