Groupize enhances Concur integration to deliver greater meeting rules and air travel management

Travel Managers and TMC’s to maximize their Concur programs and save 20% on air travel costs for meetings with Groupize

Groupize, the award-winning provider of innovative, simple meetings solutions today announced the launch of the latest iteration of its Groupize Meetings platform integrated with Concur®, the leading provider of spend management solutions and services.

Groupize now integrates with the Concur Third Party Registration Meetings and allows a company to integrate the Groupize registration web site and launch a Concur booking session for travel to that event with single sign-on and all the of requisite information necessary to finish the booking process.  The new seamless integration offers additional features such as setting travel policy and rules at the event level and to allow for guest travelers.

One of the most in demand feature is for planners to send an RSVP with a simple Concur air booking link to allow employees and guests to book their air for an event directly in Concur. Additionally, Groupize Meetings launches enhanced Group Air management capabilities such as  “Time to book your air now!” reminders.  Groupize Meetings bots crawl Concur to automatically find attendees who have not booked air tickets at 14 days out, a critical time where research shows prices start to increase. On average attendees book their flights around a week before.  The alerts to book earlier can save up to 18 to 22 percent per event in average ticket price reduction.

An event can now have the flexibility to have the attendees book the air in three ways, directly in Concur, via an agency, or to capture flight details provided by the participant.   All three methods of air bookings create an enhanced and real time flight manifest report with information for car service & ground transportation.

Groupize Meetings has real-time access to Concur data and matches at the profile level whether bookings were made by employees or via their TMCs.  Travel Managers can track the travel for all meetings, regardless if the attendee actually registered for a meeting or if the manager simply uploaded a list of known participants which auto matches with profiles in Concur and pulls back their itineraries and associated spend.

Groupize is the only meetings technology provider to work jointly with Concur’s Third Party Meetings Registration and also use the Concur Travel Profile 2.0 API to deliver a two-way integrated Meetings Management platform and to improve on functionality:

  •  Setting rules at the meeting level or profile level
  • Allows hybrid events with guests travelers and Concur profiled users
  • Reduce the creation of duplicate profiles for existing travelers
  • Real time and up to date flight information and flight manifests
  • Ability for admins and planners to log all their meetings for a holistic view of 100% of the meetings in a corporation
  • Send RSVPs to Concur users for meetings or create mobile responsive registration websites and event apps sites in just  minutes
  • Manage room blocks and push hotel reservation details to Concur itineraries
  • Allows attendees to book their air and hotel in Concur at any time
  • Communicate and manage attendees, rooming lists, flight manifest, responses and orders
  • Aggregated meeting and spend data from Groupize budget tool and Concur

“Our Simple Meetings solutions are a natural add-on to Concur Travel and allow agencies and travel managers to finally bridge the gap between transient and meetings,” says Charles de Gaspe Beaubien, President, and CEO of Groupize. “ We made a strategic decision to keep investing in developing the most optimized integrated user experience with Concur not only to be a viable replacement for the Concur Meetings product but to be a new way for all Travel Managers and TMC’s to maximize their Concur programs and unleash savings capabilities.

For more information, please visit Groupize in the Concur App Center.

About Groupize

Groupize offers the leading end-to-end platform for simple corporate meetings.  Groupize is revolutionizing meetings technology with innovative, self-service solutions that reduce the complexity of starting, sourcing, managing and measuring simple meetings. Founded in 2011, Groupize is a privately held company and headquartered in Boston, MA. For more information, please call 1.885.GROUPIZE or visit

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