Groupize launches the next generation all-in-one Simple Meeting Platform at Concur Fusion 2018

Groupize introduces “Meetings Complexity Indexas part of an end-to-end solution combining a meetings portal, instant book, eBids, registration and housing

Groupize is once again raising the bar when it comes to Simple Meetings technology. Debuting at this year’s Concur Fusion 2018, the company has relaunched an entirely new and improved version of their sourcing modules to include a company meetings portal powered by a “Meetings Complexity Index”.

In 2017, Groupize realized that the industry needed to reconsider the small meetings problem and look at it through a different lens. It became clear that size wasn’t the only factor in determining whether a meeting should be managed with a full-service approach. With the launch of the Groupize Meeting Complexity Index, companies can define a simple meeting vs. a complex meeting using parameters such as meeting type, attendee type, estimated budget, along with size parameters. This method will determine whether an “occasional planner” can use self-service mode, or require support at a defined moment such as negotiating and contracting. It will also establish if the planning process should be directed to the existing full-service process from internal or 3rd party planners.

“For a company to deploy an SMM enterprise-wide, the process had to be reconsidered,” explains Charles de Gaspe Beaubien, President & CEO of Groupize. “Simple meetings do not require all the high touch and costs associated with a complex meeting – and simple meetings can represent 60 to 80% of all meetings. We made a strategic decision to invest in rebuilding our entire sourcing modules last year and now have an even easier-to-use, end-to-end platform that is multi-tenant, as well as easy to configure and deploy to ensure company-wide adoption.  It’s a win/win for Groupize and our customers who want to expand to their entire enterprise and maximize the various modules included for one price.  As many companies are reviewing their SMM programs due to hotel commission changes, the time is perfect to re-investigate Groupize as the perfect cost-effective complement to your existing process.”

Based on the experience with corporations and hotels chains over the last five years, the eBids module delivers a supplier-friendly and efficient model to 150,000+ hotels worldwide. eBids has an impressive speed of response with over 80% of bids receiving answers within 12 hours and conversion rates averaging 40%.  All communication is centrally tracked within the single portal – including attachments organized per hotel.

Charles adds, “Groupize defines a simple meeting not on size, but complexity factor.  While the average is closer to meetings of 3 to 50 attendees, our customers have executed self-enabled simple meetings of up 1,000 attendees, housing for 10,000 attendees and we have corporations doing up to 100 meetings/week.”

Groupize is the only-end to-end platform for simple meetings which includes a direct booking engine for sleeping rooms, eBids for meetings, attendee registration, simple housing management, instant blocks for projects and engagements, air management, GDS integration, Duty of Care and Concur integrations. The company continues to attract leading Fortune 2000 corporations and their TMCs looking for a better way to manage their simple meetings.

Concur Fusion 2018 takes place from March 13-16 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, WA. Groupize will be showcasing their latest technology at booth # 515.

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