Groupize Welcomes Gia, the Groupize Interactive Advisor

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BOSTON, MA, (April 19, 2022) – Groupize, the industry’s leading self-service platform for enterprise meeting and event management, today announced the launch of Gia (Groupize Interactive Advisor).  Gia provides in-product guidance to help users of any level get started and adopt new features quicker than ever, allowing enterprises of any size the ability to implement rapidly and deliver ROI with the very first event.   The unveiling of Gia is in response to organizations grappling with more meetings and fewer experienced professional meeting planners.  Gia enables Groupize to scale customer success and effectively support onboarding of more companies and users without impacting cost, support response times or customer experience.

“While Gia lives in the cloud, she was born from our customer-first vision and inspired by the traits and experience of our own team of in-house professional meeting planners, group travel gurus and tech trainers,” says Charles de Gaspe Beaubien, Chief Customer Officer.  “Gia, in tandem with our industry-leading customer success team, will make everyone a pro at running better events for their company, without frustration.”   

In person gatherings are coming back faster than expected and seemingly all at once.  Organizing meetings is now becoming the responsibility of travel managers, admins, sales teams, human resource teams  and occasional planners who lack extensive experience in meeting execution.  The global staffing crisis has impacted the entire industry but especially the role of meeting planner, both within companies and at third parties.   With little time for lengthy training and certifications, these newcomers are now expected to both negotiate savings on behalf of the entire organization and delivering better experiences.  Groupize introduced Gia to provide interactive guidance and support to any user with easy-to-follow product tours, tips, checklists, and best practices.  Gia, following in the footsteps of other popular virtual assistants, has become key in the success of beta users.   

Gia is an accelerator in the time to value and offers real-time learning experiences at every stage of the event management process.   Gia is available for more than just sourcing, the guided experience helps users discover and maximize the functionality in the all-in-one Groupize solution, mastering registration websites and attendee apps.  Gia is also a valuable tool to help travel and meeting professionals train,  mentor and support newcomers at scale. 

The Groupize Interactive Advisor can help organizations effortlessly implement Groupize globally in as little as one day, without training required.

Gia’s bag of tricks for the do-it-yourselfer includes:

  • Self-led onboarding platform and videos
  • Step by step guided tours
  • Task-based checklists 
  • Pro tips and tooltips
  • Learning center articles
  • On-screen help and click to chat with Gia 
  • New features and change management communication
  • Diagnostic feedback, surveys, and Net Promoter Score to measure employee sentiment

All Groupize customers receive access to both Gia and a dedicated in real life account manager with their first year customer success packages.  Custom editions of Gia are available to support custom policies, additional enablement, and proprietary content managed by the expert Groupize customer success consultants.

de Gaspe Beaubien adds, “Our customer first DNA is one reason we prioritize investment in our user experience and we challenge ourselves every day to find ways that our platform can be even easier to use.  We want to give organizers time back in their day and remove all of the friction that can be caused by using event tech.  Gia, combined with our industry leading NPS and CSAT,  provides management with the peace of mind that everyone, including their planners, have a better experience.”   

The company is confident that the addition of Gia will remove any pre-pandemic connotations about self-service solutions.    

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