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The Groupize Portal Page is a customizable entry point for users to begin booking, sourcing and creating events. It provides users with a branded experience and access to information about their company’s travel and meetings programs. The Groupize Portal Page has the unique ability to redirect based on rules set up by the company administrator. The rules engine combines event and user type parameters with size parameters such as budget, number of attendees, and number of sleeping rooms. This allows a corporation to utilize 3 unique workflows: Pre-determine whether the event owner can be in a self-service mode and work directly with the suppliers, enable expert assist mode where event owner requires some support at defined moments, direct the event owner to the existing Meeting Request Form (MRF) for the full-service process from internal or third-party planners. The rules engine allows a company to incorporate their current workflow and experience visibility into all events. Groupize account admins can update the rules at any time to accommodate an evolving program and the level of responsibility given to users.




  • Single entry point for all company meetings
  • Customizable for a branded experiences
  • Ability to add as much custom text and links to internal resources
  • Rules Engine to redirect user according to policy
  • Allow users to source supplier partners for their events
  • Integrate with existing full-service rules and workflows
  • Create workflows based on the type of event, type of user, budget, department or region
  • Users can seamlessly book with complete compliance, risk mitigation, and savings




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