SAP Concur Partner Integration

In just three-clicks, Groupize’s SAP Concur integration allows users to access the only real-time, two-way, push/pull of travel itinerary information from SAP Concur. Via single sign-on into Concur Travel, profiled travelers will have an optimized registration experience. With the pullback into Groupize of itinerary information, organizations will have full visibility into all air manifest details for that event, along with the ability to set triggered alerts to remind attendees to book their travel. Event organizers can push room requests utilizing the Groupize Room Block feature and push live room bookings made in Groupize to an attendee’s Concur Travel itinerary. Two Connections: Profile Match API and Profile Match API plus Third-Party Registration. If utilizing the Third-Party Meeting Registration and no SAP Concur profile is matched in Groupize then Groupize passes the domain from setup and SAP Concur creates a shell profile based on the SAP Concur profile configuration and Groupize will pull that profile back to match.


  • Duty of care for groups & meetings
  • Capture rogue bookings
  • Modern user experience
  • Self service air booking links
  • Two way and real time hotel and air bookings
  • Push room block to itinerary
  • Reduce flight costs by 18% – 22% with only 5-10 minutes of setup time
  • Simplifies corporate guest and non-profiled travel within SAP Concur
  • No more sponsored guest issues
  • Easy upload of guest traveler lists
  • One click to send air booking link to guests
  • Real-time and flight information and flight manifests
  • Visibility on-air booking windows and ability
  • Ghost Cards for air and virtual cards capabilities
  • Cash in on unrealized revenue opportunities from

Groupize is committed to reinventing event management with easy-to-use tools that simplify all processes in the life-cycle of a corporate meeting, creating better outcomes for all stakeholders.


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