Get the tools you need to keep
optimize travel, teams and productivity

Support the travel grind
Logistics & Planning

It’s a time-consuming process to set up and manage travel/repeat stays for your  project teams and consultants. Groupize simplifies the sourcing of project team hotel stays – in an easy-to-use, affordable, web-based platform fully integrated into Concur Travel.

  • Effectively manage the logistics of project teams and crews who are on the road with engagements every week.
  • Meet P&L budget goals
  • Keep your field resources as happy as possible as road warriors.
Not enough time in the day
Be Prepared for Anything

Centralize the entire sourcing process for all events, including contracts, to manage risk ahead of time, and determine any risk exposure if future meetings need to be canceled or postponed.

Maximize efficiencies and time savings by centralizing and automating processes. Advanced reporting on all your activity ensures compliance and protects the health and safety of your team and attendees.

Stay In The Know
  • Know where your people are, especially while traveling – more than just which airport they landed in.
  • Keep everyone safe, secure  while traveling – and take care of them if something goes wrong.
  • Be able to do contact tracing if employees or stakeholders at our meetings are with any other attendee who turns out to be infected.
  • Easily identify your company’s preferred suppliers who have been vetted with health and safety protocols