The Skift 2018 Corporate Travel Innovators List

Every company wants to be innovative, but a small few are more successful than others. So many companies across travel claim to be innovators that it can be hard to even understand what innovation is anymore.

Corporate travel, of course, is dominated by legacy players like American Express Global Business Travel or Concur that provide solutions to the biggest companies in the world. Innovation often comes from smaller players, which face an uphill battle competing against the industry’s billion-dollar behemoths.

Skift’s editorial staff took a look for the first time at the corporate travel ecosystem to identify the executives and leaders that have helped the industry evolve in recent years.

For the sake of clarity, we are defining innovation as something new that helps move the industry forward, either for business travelers or the companies servicing them.

CEO Charles De Gaspe Beaubien, GROUPIZE

Many players are trying to crack the small and simple meetings right now, but perhaps none has been as successful as Groupize. Under the leadership of De Gaspe Beaubien, the company has worked to create an integrated platform for event planners and travel managers to handle sourcing, registration, and more for simple meetings.

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