Why Groupize

The Solution

With simple meetings decentralized and mostly organized by travel arrangers and executive admins without tools, support, policies or oversight, you are exposing the company to unnecessary risk, wasting the organization’s money and advocating for inefficient processes.

For all of the reasons you have a managed travel program and for all the reasons you manage your large meetings, you must manage the small and simple meetings that have fallen in the gap – and Groupize makes it easy and affordable.

Designed for Simple Meetings

Until now, other solutions have focused solely on large events, resulting in over-engineered and cost prohibitive products. This explains why the most sophisticated Strategic Meetings Management Program only captures 20% of overall meetings. Simple meetings and can’t efficiently be serviced by the “Meeting Request Form” model.

Self-Enabled & Hybrid Model

Groupize is designed to be deployed enterprise-wide in a self-service or “hybrid” model to support all the meetings where your current meeting team cannot handle or provide enough value to justify their cost and time. It is designed to complement your existing investments in Concur and your larger meeting tool.